Daniela Bevervanso
is a Berlin-based
Creative Director, Production Designer and Set Designer
with a focus on Culture and Advertising.

Into.Gallery is an art gallery specialised in contemporary art that evokes diversity in representations of the human body

The Project

Established in December 2023, Into Gallery emerges as a dual presence, combining the online and offline dimensions of the contemporary art scene.


Into.Gallery permeates current issues in the visual arts in its curatorial focus, such as identity, memory, artivism, micropolitics and sexuality. The featured artists work in different media - photography, painting, sculpture, film and new media.

Taking as its premise the poetics of the body in action, Into.Gallery proposes different forms of representation of the body at the centre of the discussion. For the contemporary artists featured, the body is not just a support like a canvas to be painted, but a node of sensations and sensibilities that assumes the concomitant roles of subject and object, which merge in a way that symbolizes the mixture of issues and criticism.

Demystifying the body can go through different paths, from overexposed to its absence. Each artist has his own key to think and place the body as an instrument of art, contemporary visuality and the perception of the world that is made in each one. 


Into.Gallery is the result of an international partnership between artists and cultural professionals with the aim of promoting the exchange of knowledge, leading the viewer to consider the human form on multiple levels. By sharing their research and perspectives, those involved broaden their visions, enhance their skills, and contribute to creating new projects and cultural initiatives developed by the gallery.

Founder, Creative Director and Curator
Daniela Bevervanso