Daniela Bevervanso
is a Berlin-based
Creative Director, Production Designer and Set Designer
with a focus on Culture and Advertising.

Indigenous of Brazil is a project on the culture and traditions of Brazilian indigenous peoples.  

Aiming to bring to knowledge on an international level an entire ancestral culture ignored and unknown to many, Indigenous of Brazil brings, through paintings, sculptures, photographs and documentaries, the whole existence of a civilization to be rediscovered.

One of the intentions of this project - at a time when a neglected civilization is confronted with what we could almost compare to a cultural genocide - is to appeal to the international community to combat oblivion as well as the existence of an entire people. This project will include lectures, workshops and several meetings with professionals from the ethnological, anthropological, artistic and philosophical areas.

Indigenous Art  

Indigenous art is present in the essence of the Brazilian people as one of the pillars of the country's culture, result of miscegenations of various ethnic groups, amongst them the first inhabitants of the national territory, its indigenous people.

Currently, there are about 300 ethnic groups spread across the country, speaking 180 languages and dialects, in more than six hundred indigenous lands spread across all states in Brazil that struggle to preserve their culture.

The development of Brazilian indigenous art happens in several ways, as each ethnic group of Indians in Brazil has different behaviors and their own customs, which leads each tribe to develop their art in a unique and unprecedented way.

The Brazilian indigenous people try to perpetuate through their arts all their culture, beliefs, habits, rules, different conceptions of life and the world, keeping through a fascinating ritual an entire struggle and fight against the oblivion of their existence.


It is known that cultural interaction is one of the main vehicles for information, understanding and social harmony. However, this project, in addition to being a mean of disseminating, valuing, investigating, exchanging experiences and dialogue between amongst cultures, should also serve as an alert and reaffirm the essential contribution of the indigenous people to the preservation of the environment, a crucial factor for Brazil and our planet. Emphasizing the preservation and ancient knowledge of indigenous peoples in Brazil would help to alleviate the seriousness of the environmental imbalance of Planet Earth.


Project and direction 
Daniela Bevervanso

Thumbnail Photography
Renato Soares

Indigenous of Brazil
Art exhibition 
Berlin, 2020