Brasil Kulturwissenschaft  is a festival celebrating Brazilian art in an integrated circuit of visual arts exhibitions, video installations, cinema, music concerts, gastronomy, lectures and workshops. 

Creating a field of aesthetic immersion from the urban context, the project Brasil Kulturwissenschaft creates an atmosphere of connection, pointing out poetic axes of proximity between the main contemporary practices and also exposing in a harmonic way aesthetics of differentiation, synthesis and typical provocations in each socio-cultural context.

The generation and promotion of this cultural interchange are intended as a continuous and expanded proposal, generating diverse connections between new diversities, comprising new paths of integration not only between the two countries involved but gradually adding new horizons and new nationalities, seeking to globalize this Binational pact.

Containing a wide and complex web of activities - exhibitions, installations, film screenings, musical shows, gastronomy, lectures, workshops, web radio, celebration - party, the project presents itself as a pioneer in the practice and application of a conceptual line of cultural interaction between these two partners and diverse nations.


Visual artists
Criola, Ciro Schu, Zezão, Erica Mizu, Paulo Ito

Video Installation
VJ Impar, VJ Spetto

Film exhibition
Karim Aïnouz

Music Concert
Otto, Omolu, Zuzuka Poderosa, Roots Rock Revolution, Wladimir Gasper

Web Radio
Claudia Assef, Renato Lopes


“Multiculturalism: the power of cultural exchange between Brazil and Germany”
“Urban Aesthetics: creative processes and immersion culture”


"Soundscapes: Electronic music as a bridge between language styles and social connections"
"Female representation in urban visual arts"
"Immersive Environments and Live Art - from theory to practice"
"Street Art: Graffiti as a trigger for new aesthetic languages"


Project, direction and curator
Daniela Bevervanso

Project coordinator
Rita Boccato

Executive producer
Karin Greco

Curatorial text and coordination of lectures and workshops
Felipe Brait


Brasil Kulturwissenschaft
Festival of art and music
Berlin/São Paulo, 2016 - 2017

Grant Rouanet Law
Created by the Brazilian government, the Rouanet Law aims to broaden access to culture and cultural production; support, value and publicise Brazilian artistic manifestations. Among the many incentives that Brazil gives to national cultural production, the Rouanet Law is the most important one, attracting private initiative donations or sponsorships due to the benefits it grants.