“Indians of Brazil”

"Indians of Brazil" is a project on the culture and traditions of Brazilian indigenous peoples. Aiming to bring to knowledge on an international level an entire ancestral culture ignored and unknown to many, "Indians of Brazil" will bring, through paintings, sculptures, photographs and documentaries, the whole existence of a civilization to be rediscovered.

Project and direction
Daniela Bevervanso

Berlin, work In Progress.

“Brasil Kultur- wissenschaft”

“Brasil Kulturwissenschaft” is a project involving 19 Brazilian artists in the visual arts, audiovisual arts, gastronomy, and music to take place in Berlin and which was approved by the “Lei Rouanet” (Culture Incentive Law). Created by the Brazilian government, the “Lei Rouanet” aims to expand access to culture and cultural production; to support, value, and publicize Brazilian artistic manifestations.

Project, direction and curatorship
Daniela Bevervanso

São Paulo/Berlin, 2017